Real time networking

The Nexus board room allows members to host and attend live board meetings and/or interviews. Schedule your meeting today, for FREE!

We are here for you!

Every thought, every feature is geared towards our goal... Our goal is you! 

Sharing new ideas

Hotzonne NEXUS helps you share new ideas with a new network! Don't just settle for any networking platform, make NEXUS your home!

Support that you need

In addition to a FREE membership, you get world class support from the fully engaged NEXUS Administrator 

The perfect concepts

As part of the Hotzonne Enterprise network, NEXUS releases the perfect concept for professional and business networking. 

Connections made
Satisfied clients
Cups of coffee
Winning awards

Our Awesome Features

Take a look at some of our amazing features!
FREE Full Membership

As part of our introduction, NEXUS will offer all of its services at not cost to its members for a limited time.

Social Intergration

Nexus is fully integrated with networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.


A custom resume page to enhance your marketability within the workforce.

Business Page

A custom Business/Professional networking page for your contacts to stay connected.

Board Room

Schedule your next meeting or interview in the Nexus board room, for FREE!

Unlimited Emails

With our premium access, there is no limit on the number of emails that you can send or receive.

Valuable Connections

Nexus allows you to create valuable connections to enhance your opportunity.

Video Page

Potential employers can see you first hand with our video page that shows the world who you are.